Welcome to the Singarlic Garlic Confit kitchen lab.

Our process: concoct, test, trial.

It took us 6 months to finalise our first 3 flavours that we launched with (that’s the entirety of the first half of 2021). We started trialling flavour profiles, optimal cook times, handling and shelf life – while looking at nitty-gritties like ingredient ratio tweaking, taste testing, and alternative recipes for Singaporean tastebuds.

We’ve learned a lot along the way, and want to continuously bring you new flavours at a much faster rate. GACO (GArlic COnfit) Labs give you an insight as to what’s in store, and what we’re doing behind the scenes. 

Head on over to the bottom of the page to see the ingredients we’re using to concoct bold new flavours, and sign up for our GACO Insider – and automatically get signed up for a taste-tester raffle (we send you pre-finalised confits at no cost in exchange for your feedback). 

Concocting bold new flavours…



Hearty full breakfast spread

This one’s bursting with natural omega-3 fat (the good kind), vitamins and minerals – we’re really excited to roll this out once we’ve tested and trialled this properly!

Coming: September-October 2021

Flavour punching oil

Our Garlic Confit flavoured oils are aromatic, savoury, umami-flavour – but they’re admittedly no flavour punches. We’re working on a flavour that can highlight any dish as dressing.

Coming: October-November 2021

One for the spice addicts

So you want that burning sensation that you won’t (hopefully) need to go to the doctor for? We’re in the exploratory stages on testing new spicier additives.

Coming: January 2022

Ingredients we’re currently testing



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