How we make Sin(gapore) Garlic Confit 

It takes us roughly 6-8 hours to prepare a batch of 30 bottles. As a Singapore-home-based producer, and we do everything by (hygienic) hand. In order to keep to a 100 bi-weekly production target, we start our days early to meet this target.

THE DAY BEFORE [2 hours]

It’s a Bottle Royale.

Our Process | How Garlic Confit is Made in Singapore

We cook our bottles.

As part of the sterilisation process, our glass jars which ultimately become the home to your garlic confit, gets washed, rinsed then cooked in high heat to dry and properly sterilise. This minimises the risk of contamination to our products. We wash over 120 bottles the night before we begin the actual confit process.


The way you make me peel.

Our Process | How Garlic Confit is Made in Singapore

It starts with the raw deal: whole white garlic.

Whole garlic, bought the day before we are set to produce. No pre-peeled, machine-processed garlic. Not just for the sake of calling ourselves artisanal — during our testing, we found that fresh peeled garlic at room temperature that’s put through the confit process immediately, come out softer and more easily spread with just a little force. It also has a milder but deeper taste.

Each garlic is individually hand peeled.

We carefully peel the garlic to ensure no deep cuts or bruises on each clove appears – as these are very visible when we put the cloves through the confit process. It could also mean the garlic would fall apart more easily if it is bruised when we slow cook it.

We also ensure that we weed out the bad cloves from the good ones. Anything with bruises, rot, gets thrown out — ensuring you get only the best cloves in every batch. 

Our Process | How Garlic Confit is Made in Singapore
Our Process | How Garlic Confit is Made in Singapore

Garlic is prepped 10 bunches/bags at a time; then loaded into the individual jars that will be shipped to you.

Each confit is prepped in the jar that will be sent to you — not in large batches. We hope to offer “confit-guration” options in the future, and this step in production ensures we can do that should there be a demand.

It also ensures there is low chance of cross-contamination with the environment, as items are not being transferred after a cook, and that the delicate garlic cloves do not get crushed in the process.


Slow down and dance with confit.

Our Process | How Garlic Confit is Made in Singapore

Cooked in batches, in brand new ovens purpose-bought for Singarlic.

We do not cook any meat in these bad boys — only your confit. They are cooked in batches of 30, the max one oven will hold, and go in the moment they are peeled and placed in their respective individual bottles.

Slow cooked – not fried.

Creating confit is all about balancing time and heat. We’ve tested numerous batches to determine the optimum cook time that results in the perfect garlic confit. 

The exact ratios are a secret, but we’ll just say they take around 2-3 hours till’ we’re ready for the final step.

Our Process | How Garlic Confit is Made in Singapore


Knock, knock. It’s for you.

Our Process | How Garlic Confit is Made in Singapore

Label and send!

We lastly place stickers, and arrange for direct delivery at 4 different timeslots through the day. They get sent as soon as they are done and cool enough to be delivered. You will get yours the same day — just hours after they’re made!

This is the Singarlic promise — always fresh, never stored.

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